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General main parameters
Parameter Default value Explanation
'filename' --

filename of generated pdf

'paper_height' 10.0

Height of paper (roughly, ticks and texts extend this)

'paper_width' 10.0

Width of paper (roughly, ticks and texts extend this)

'block_params' --

List of blocks that make the nomograph

'transformations' --

List of transformations to transform nomograph

'title_str' --

Title string of nomograph

'title_x' --

Title x-position

'title_y' --

Title y-position

'title_box_width' --

Title box width

'title_color' color.rgb.black

Title color

'make_grid' False

If True, draws grid to help position texts, etc.

'draw_lines' False

If True, draws (brute-force) lines according to 'line_params'

'line_params' []

OBSOLETE, USE ISOPLETHS. List of dics of (brute-force) lines. For example:

'pre_func' None

PyX function(canvas) to draw under nomograph. Function definitin could be:

def post(c):
    c.stroke(path.line(2, 2, 15, 2) +
         path.line(15, 2, 10, 15) +
         path.line(15, 15, 2, 15) +
         path.line(2, 15, 2, 2))
'post_func' None

PyX function(canvas) to draw over nomograph. Definiton same as for 'pre_func'.

'debug' False

If True, prints dicts of definions. Feature in PyNomo 0.2.1: not all default values are printed.

'extra_texts' []

List of dicts defining extra texts. Could be for example:

  'text':r"line \par break",
'isopleth_params' [{}]

List of dicts defining isopleths. Could be for example: