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Example nomograph
Ex BMI.png

March 2012: Nomographic News: article "'Doc, What Are My Chances?" by J. Marasco, R. Doerfler and L. Roschier published in The UMAP Journal 32 (4): 279—298. Full length article downloadable via link.

19th April 2010: Nomographic News: article "The Lost Art of Nomography" by Ron Doerfler published in UMAP Journal. Full length article downloadable via link in Ron's blog article.

22nd Feb 2010: Nomographic News: article "What is a real Nomogram?" by Michael W. Kattan and Joe Marasco published in Seminars in Oncology.

Pynomo nomographs with python.png

Pynomo is a program to create (pdf) nomographs (nomograms) using Python interpreter. A nomograph (nomogram) is a graphical solution to an equation.


19th October, 2009: Release 0.2.2 is out.

20th October, 2009: Article "Creating Nomograms with the PyNomo Software" by Ron Doerfler released for release 0.2.2.

Authors and license.png

PyNomo is written by Leif Roschier. PyNomo is open source and free software licensed under the GNU GPL Version 3.