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Here I started with fresh OSX 10.6.4 with has preinstalled 2.6.1 (open console and type python).

  • Install newest python (2.6.5 tested) [1]
  • Download and install latest stable Numpy.
  • Download and install latest Scipy
  • Install PIL (or skip, probably you won't need it)
  • Install MacTex
  • Install PyX
sudo python setup.py install

Run tests on examples directory found in zip-distribution

python GENERATE_ALL.py

If everything ok, you should see pdf documents generated. There are lot's of warnings to be ignored.

Note that for example running scripts in easy-eclipse-for-python do not work due to unknown difference between console running and easy-eclipse-for-python running.

Tested to work 6th August 2010 on by Leif.