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PyNomo is a Python software or library to build pdf nomographs. The software is written by Leif Roschier and licenced under GPL3.


PyNomo is under development. PyNomo is developed as a hobby.

Code compatibility between versions

There is no guarantee that syntax of previous code reproduces similar nomograph in the next release. We try to avoid changes in syntax, but user interface (nomographer class) will still be some time under evolution.


There is no support for PyNomo.

If you have problems, try to read material on this site or write question to discussion board.

If you write doctoral thesis and have problems construction a nomograph using PyNomo, send email to Leif and try your luck.

If you want a nomograph for commercial application and need support, visit NomoGraphics.

Learning PyNomo

And lot's of trial and error.


  • future
    • more documentation
    • Numerical approximations
    • Analytic conversions from polynomial to determinant (after Otto)
    • Circular slide rules
    • Linear slide rules
    • Hexagonal nomographs


  • (2007-09-28) 0.1.0a1
    • Original version
  • (2007-10-28) 0.1.0b1
    • Small corrections
  • (2008-xx-xx) 0.2.0b0
    • Totally rewritten approach
    • Documentation based on using mediawiki
  • (2009-07-27) 0.2.1
    • small bug fixes
    • colors
    • axis with arrow markings
    • R titles over pivot lines can be set manually
    • Extra titles for axes
    • option to print grid for text placement
    • brute force manual line drawing (for isopleths)
    • pre_func to draw with pyx primitives under nomograph
    • post_func to draw with pyx primitives over nomograph
  • (2009-10-19) 0.2.2
    • smart scales (makes a difference)
    • isopleth generation