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Detailed PyNomo installation for Windows Vista/XP

This is recipe that has been proven to work November 2008 for Windows Vista.

  1. Download and install Python 2.5.2 from the Python site
    • Version: Python 2.5.2 (February 22, 2008)
    • More precisely: Windows For x86 processors: python-25.2.msi
  2. Download and install Latex from the Miktek web site:
    • "Basic MiKTeX 2.7" Installer Size: 82.13 MB
    • This is mirrored at many sites; pick one that works for you
  3. Download and install Numpy, Scipy, and PIL from
    1. Go to the section that looks like this: You may update your Python(x,y) installation:
      • either via update installers (see Download), which are made available simultaneously with each new release
      • or via individual package installers which are updated more frequently -- see the plugins page
    2. Go to the plugins page via the link
    3. Download and install the following modules individually
      1. NumPy 1.2.1
      2. SciPy
      3. PIL 1.1.6
    4. This approach worked better than trying to download the entire pack
  4. Get PyX from
    • Using cygwin, open a command line (cygwin bash shell) and type: tar -xf PyX-0.10.tar.gz
    • Go to created directory PyX-0.10 in windows command prompt window
    • Run the command: python install
  5. This completes the prerequisites for PyNomo. Now go to
    • Select 0.2.0b0 to download
    • Take the third option:
    • Unzip and install PyNomo
    • Go to created directory pynomo in windows command prompt window
    • Run the command: python install

You should now be able to run the example programs from PyNomo site.

Special thanks to Barbeque Joe for contributing the recipe!