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Detailed PyNomo installation for Windows Vista/XP

This is recipe that has been proven to work November 2008 for Windows Vista. It is updated 24.1.2010 with up-to-date stable packages.

  1. Download and install Python 2.6.4 from the Python site
    • Version: Python 2.6.4
  2. Download and install Latex from the Miktek web site:
    • "Basic MiKTeX 2.8" Installer Size: 101.62 MB
    • This is mirrored at many sites; pick one that works for you
  3. Download and install Numpy, Scipy, and PIL from
    1. Go to the section that looks like this: You may update your Python(x,y) installation:
      • either via update installers (see Download), which are made available simultaneously with each new release
      • or via individual package installers which are updated more frequently -- see the plugins page
    2. Go to the plugins page via the link
    3. Download and install the following modules individually
      1. NumPy 1.4.0 [updated 24.1.2010]
      2. SciPy 0.7.0 [updated 24.1.2010]
      3. PIL 1.1.6
    4. This approach worked better than trying to download the entire pack
  4. Get PyX from
    • Using cygwin, open a command line (cygwin bash shell) and type: tar -xf PyX-0.10.tar.gz
    • Go to created directory PyX-0.10 in windows command prompt window
    • Run the command: python install
  5. This completes the prerequisites for PyNomo. Now go to
    • Select 0.2.2 to download [updated 24.1.2010]
    • Take the third option: [updated 24.1.2010]
    • Unzip and install PyNomo
    • Go to created directory pynomo in windows command prompt window
    • Run the command: python install

You should now be able to run the examples.

Special thanks to Barbecue Joe for contributing the recipe!